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Covid-19 has changed our daily lives. Our health has taken the front seat, and normalcy has taken the back seat. With stay-at-home closing in on everyone, Preschooling has become virtual, making it pretty challenging for teachers and parents. Parents need to spend a lot of time with their children in this process. So, there have been many queries revolving around how to get the best out of online classes.

Don’t Worry! Here are some ways to make the process smooth:

  1. Lighting is Important: A well-lit room will help your child have a good attention span which will further help in better engagement.

  2. Placement of Audio & Video device: Make sure the camera is placed a little above the child’s line of sight. They should have access to a good earphone with a mic.


  3. Good Internet connection: Parents should ensure a stable internet connection that will help with a great online experience for both their child and the teacher.


  4. Follow up with Teachers: The best way to know about your child’s progress is to keep in touch with teachers. Learn the areas of improvement & discuss your queries or suggestions on improving the learning process.


  5. Bond over offline activities: The whole Covid situation gives parents an exceptional amount of time with their children. So make sure you make the most out of this opportunity. Follow the activities assigned to you by the school for the benefit of your children.


  6. Record the classes: Preschoolers are known to have an average attention span of 8-10 minutes. So make sure you hit the record button as soon as a class begins (with permission from the Preschool to record the sessions).
    This will help you and your child follow up on a class that might require revision.


  7. Well-Planned Breaks: Using the breaks between classes for some physical activity will make your child more active and keep them engaged throughout the day. Since they are very young, prolonged sitting in classes will make them lazy and uninterested.


  8. Keep it Interesting: Parents should help their children interact better with their classmates and teachers. Active participation is the key to excel via online classes.


  9. Every child is Special: Let them take their time with the learning. Don’t rush into finishing a given set of the syllabus in a short time. Understand that it’s equally difficult for them to learn online.


  10. Voluntary attendance: Take notes of your child’s behaviour towards the classes. Also, make sure you don’t force them into sitting for online classes when they are not in the mood. But don’t let them overdo it. 

    Preschoolers are supposed to be taught in an open environment with more practical work, so parents should understand their child’s capacity and work accordingly with them.

    These tough times have sparked a boom in online classes for all ages, but the young minds struggle the most. Chaos created by corona shouldn’t put a pause on your child’s learning.

    A collective effort from the parents & the school will help your child develop in the right direction. Implement these tips to make sure your child gets the best out of online classes.